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The Changes Afoot for SEO Web Design

Even as Google was announcing its new Google Instant search feature, website designers began to buzz with anxiety wondering about whether this meant the end of SEO Web design as they knew it. Blog posts and Twitter updates began to fill with worried exchanges on the subject right away. The truth however is that for as long as there is search of any kind, SEO will exist to help create websites that work well with the algorithms used.




Perhaps a lot of the confusion stems from the belief people have that SEO Web design is all about finding ways to cheat the search engine into getting someone a better ranking than they otherwise would have. For those who know about how legitimate SEO is – that it isn’t about spam links or poor web design, that it is in fact only about the design of superior websites with superior content, these developments should not be any cause for worry. Of course as everyone should understand, SEO isn’t aimed at getting rankings on Google alone either. There are other major and minor search engines out there that can make all the difference just as well. Google Instant search is merely about searching more quickly.


Since users on Instant are searching on Google still, only faster, nothing should fundamentally change in the way a website needs to be designed for the search engine. Google Suggest has been with us for about two years now. When it first came on in 2008, it did deserve a closer look by search marketers; and optimizing your website to work well with Google Suggest should take you a long way in accommodating Google Instant. SEO Company – Adze Ybrant

All that has happened with these developments is that you need to focus on the suggestions Google comes up with, and make keyword research more central to your SEO than ever before. But there are other developments to take note of here, too. Bing for instance, has its new deep search function that SEO practitioners should pay attention to. Let’s say that you need to search for finance information to do with a major travel corporation. You need to know how their stock market performance does at the moment. Search for it on Bing, and you’ll get a set of tabs right under the search box. The tabs will change for each kind of search so that you get the most relevant information possible.



For the finance search above, you’ll probably get tabs for news on the subject, for financial information on the subject and for general web information. When you press the finance tab for the travel company mentioned above, you’ll find right way get critical financial information to do with that company right on the search engine results page.

SEO Web design today will need to take these exciting new changes into account to make it into the top 10. These are certainly exciting changes afoot.

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